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2019 - Pre-Season PPT used to setup our Fastpitch State Championship Run  - Gary Ward articles on hitting - Gary Ward - How hititng approach can beat ACE pitchers - IMPORTANCE OF LIVE REPS and on deck approach - John Mallee - Perry Husbands on Launch Angle - Coastal Carolina + Effective Veolocity - Effective Veolocity - O.O.D.A. Loop & John Boyd - Sniper training helps hitters - SPEED CONVERSTION CHART  - In Depth & technical explanation of swing kinetics - Training motor neurons, timing and hitting


Gamechanger - "The Season" articles posted about Coach Turco and Pope Softball:




TREASURE TROVE OF HITTING DOCUMENTS COMPILED BY KyleLindley - @kylelindley_     -  Patterns of conflict - John Boyd masterpiece on warfare through the ages - TONY GWYNN BREAKING DOWN HITTING FILM





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